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blu Gruppe has realized an efficient business model that facilitates first-class services, high employee motivation and an excellent cost structure. An ongoing intensive communication and cooperation with our subsidiaries is highly emphasized. The services of blu Gruppe focus on IT consulting and solutions for corporate functions within large companies and corporations, mainly in the fields of Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, Telco and IT.

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Start out as a teenager and pursue your career with blu Systems

My name is Florian Mandlmeier and I have been working at blu Systems since July 2013. After successfully becoming a qualified IT/System Integration specialist, I wanted to experience life in a big city and put into practice what I had learnt – as an IT consultant in a major or medium-sized company.

I choose the Munich company blu Systems – with its cosmopolitan flair with exciting IT projects – the perfect combination. Following a short period of training, I was soon given tasks with more responsibility. I now manage the “My-Solutioneers” team which provides support and advice in all matters concerning technology to all employees in the blu family of companies. At the same time, I have already concluded my third major deployment with one of our customers working, together with a small team from blu Systems, in the area of clouds. It never gets boring.

Top @blu: The best colleagues (and bosses) you could ever imagine. Working together as equals – regardless of position and seniority – even with the blu Gruppe directors. As a younger employee, I have been fully integrated into the company. People listen to my ideas and work with me to implement them.

Although we normally work as part of a small team of blu System’s employees on a project, we have the chance to meet and party with other blu Gruppe employees thanks to the great range of corporate events such as skiing, going to the Oktoberfest or the annual Christmas party. These events help to round off my daily working life nicely.

 Florian Mandlmeier, Junior IT Consultant


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