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blu Gruppe has realized an efficient business model that facilitates first-class services, high employee motivation and an excellent cost structure. An ongoing intensive communication and cooperation with our subsidiaries is highly emphasized. The services of blu Gruppe focus on IT consulting and solutions for corporate functions within large companies and corporations, mainly in the fields of Finance, Automotive, Healthcare, Telco and IT.

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IT service and project management

Good project planning and management are essential in any company. Only then is it possible to ensure substantial time savings and avoid costly mistakes. IT projects often suffer from a lack of experience, knowledge, methodology and the necessary overview to recognise sources of error from a neutral point of view early enough. A methodical approach applied by experienced, trained employees is therefore the foundation for successfully implementing any project. Our project managers can fill existing gaps and support your project team until the successful completion of the project.

Not only do we have extensive experience of operating with modern methods and tools, but also possess excellent social and communication skills. We can provide support for all project phases in the IT environment, regardless of their complexity or technical area – from project planning to project completion or operational hand-over.

During the project phase, our specialists develop comprehensive operating concepts usually based on ITIL in order to guarantee the operation of your IT landscape after the successful conclusion of the project. They are also there in the transition phase to help you use these concepts in daily operations.

We and our project employees rely on using a uniform approach and on request can fall back on our internal ‘blu PM toolbox’ which contains standard procedures, best practice approaches and templates for the complete life cycle of an IT project.

In every phase of the project, we provide suitable employees who have the necessary skills to undertake the tasks.

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